Dance Dimensions 
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5174 Plainfield Ave Suite C 
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

     Our goal is to meet each individual dancer’s desires. Each student has their own reason for wanting to dance. Some are exploring new interests, some use dance as an extracurricular activity, some for social interaction, while others strive to become accomplished dancers. Perhaps they desire dance as a career. For this reason we offer a variety of classes at different levels.
     Regardless of the reason or level, we want to instill in every dancer a desire to be creative, confidence to do other activities, a love of music and to understand their physical capabilities.

Our souls fill with gladness when we hear the children laugh
       when they take our hand and look into our face
       when they are excited at their accomplishments
   when the spotlight shines on them and they dance

    Therefore if the son sets you free…
you shall be free indeed. John 8:36

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