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More than just ballet, we have dance classes for all ages, tempos, and skill level! Your child will be active while having fun with dance classes at Dance Dimensions of Grand Rapids, MI.

Dance classes your child will love

Dance classes and curriculum


One hour per week. An introduction to basic ballet, tap, and tumbling. Children are exposed to rhythm and dance skills along with coordination locomotors in a colorful room using special props and activities.

KINDERCOMBO - Ages 5 & 6

One hour per week. This class allows students to become more familiar with traditional dance through a combination of ballet, tap, and creative movement. Musical Awareness, etiquette, and posture are accented through fun and creative artistic means.



One hour per week. This class is for the child interested in developing tap skills that focus on learning rhythm and tempo. We then hone these skills with ballet technique that develops good posture and appreciation for all styles of music.

One hour per week. This class concentrates on Jazz technique and the latest hip hop moves, introduced in an age appropriate manner. This is a wonderful addition to a well- rounded base offered in combo class or as an introduction to the more popular dance styles.

BALLET - Ages 9 and up

POINTE - Ages 13 and up

One hour per week. This is a disciplined, graceful technique that is the foundation of all dance styles. Usually performed to classical music, it develops a sense of body awareness and muscle control.

Half hour, in addition to the hour ballet class, per week. This class is offered only to those ballet students that have a strong ballet background and are strong in their technique skills. This is up to the instructor's discretion.

JAZZ - Ages 9 and up

TAP - Ages 9 and up

One hour per week. This is a fast tempo dance style performed to popular, upbeat music. Movement sequences include a stretching warm up, body isolations, and feet combinations that include locomotor movements. Jazz classes can be Broadway style or funk.

One half hour per week. This is a rhythmic form of movement that is primarily performed with the feet. The two metal plates on the bottom of the shoe provide a sharp sound that is performed with or without music.

HIP HOP - Ages 9 and up

LYRICAL - Ages 9 and up

One hour per week. This is a current form of street dance and funk that incorporates many different body movements. This is not a technical style of dance that is almost always done to pop or rap music.

One hour per week. This is a slow tempo dance style that describes a feeling or thought, with a combination of jazz and ballet technique.


These classes are for the dedicated student. They have a much more demanding schedule then the recreational classes. They represent the studio at competitions, conventions, and performance opportunities. The company dancers takes 5 to 8 hours a week and has a true love of dance. These classes are by invitation only.

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