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Ballet class

Dance Dimensions Summer and Fall Schedules




2019 SUMMER SCHEDULE - June 12-August 2


3-4 year old mini-movement (8 weeks - $90)

Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm    

Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm    



5-6 year old creative combo (8 weeks - $90)

Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm    

Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm    



7-9 year old - pick your style - tap, ballet and jazz

8 weeks - 1 hour (2 styles) = $90, 1.5 hours (3 styles) = $125

Tuesday 6:30-8pm    



10-12 year old - pick your style - tap, ballet and jazz

8 weeks - 1 hour (2 styles) = $ 90, 1.5 hours (3 styles) = $125

Tuesday 6:30-8pm  



Preteen Hip Hop (8 weeks - $90)

Tuesday 8-9pm  



Teen/Adult Hip Hop

Tuesday 8-9pm  




All one hour classes are $90 due the first week of class

This includes a $10 discount

After the first week the cost is full tuition $100

Pricing is for the full 8 weeks - tuition is not refundable

make up times are available for missed classes


Specialty classes (solo, duo, trio) available on request

cost:  solo $170, duo $150 per student, trio $130 per student


Family Plan:  brothers are free when sister is enrolled (*not applicable for specialty classes)







Fall / Winter schedule 2019-2020

3 & 4-year olds - Mini Movement                            

Monday        5:00pm               Mad

Tuesday       5:00pm               MM

Wednesday  6:00pm               LD

Thursday      5:00pm               HB

Friday           5:30pm               MaW

Saturday       9:00am               MM


3 & 4 year olds - Mini Movement AM

Wednesday   10:30am              MaW

Thursday       10:30am              MaW


7-9 year olds- Tap/Ballet Combo

Monday         7:00pm              Mad

Thursday       6:00pm              LD


Break Dancing w/Ant

Thursday      5:30 pm      (7-10 yr old)

Thursday      6:30pm         (11 & up)


Preteen 9-12 years olds- Tap

Monday        7:00pm                TA

Thursday      8:00pm                HB


Preteen 9-12 years olds- Lyrcal/Ballet

Monday        5:00pm                TA

Wednesday  7:00pm                HB


Preteen 9-12 years olds- Hip Hop

Monday        7:30pm                LD

Thursday      5:00pm               LD


Preteen 9-12 year old Jazz

Monday        6:00pm                LD Thursday      6:00pm                HB




5 & 6-year olds - Creative Combo

Monday        5:00pm              LD

Tuesday       5:00pm              TA (adv)

Wednesday  6:00pm              HB

Thursday      6:00pm              Mad

Friday           5:30pm              MW

Saturday       9:00am              MaW


6 - 8-year olds - Ballet only

Wednesday       7:00pm            Mad


7-9 year olds - Hip Hop/Jazz Combo

Monday          6:00pm            TA

Wednesday   7:00pm            Mad

Thursday         5:00pm           Mad


Teen 13 year olds & up- Tap

Tuesday        7:00pm              TA

Wednesday   8:00pm              LD


Teen 13 year olds & up- Jazz

Tuesday        6:00pm               TA

Wednesday   6:00pm               Mad


Teen 13 & up- Lyrical/Ballet

Tuesday        7:30pm       TA

Wednesday   7:00pm       HB


Teen 13 & up - Hip Hop

Wednesday    8:00pm     HB

Thursday         8:00pm    LD(advanced)

Note: We reserve the right to change the schedule and/ or instructor.

Providing 30 years of professional dance instruction in Grand Rapids.


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Solo, Duo & Trio

Inquire at the desk for available time

Teacher Codes

Holly Bieber               HB

Sarah Magoon           SM

Tracy Alles                 TA

Lauren Donahue        LD

Melissa Williams        MW

Maryanne Ward         MaW

Madison Weaver        Mad

Anthony                      ANT


Sunday Classes Available

Inquire at the desk for available time